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The DIRIS BCMS 720 is a compact system that can simultaneously monitor up to 72 branch circuits.
In addition to the 72-branch circuits monitoring, 10 supplementary circuits can also be monitored (mains incomers) and all within a single device to reduce space requirements.
The DIRIS BCMS 720 system significantly improves the energy efficiency of service or critical buildings by permanently monitoring the current, energy and power on distribution circuits. Its compact format means it can easily be fitted into all types of Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or Remote Power Panel (RPP).
Designed for use in data centres and service buildings, the DIRIS BCMS 720 provides several key features:
• reduces energy consumption,
• increases data centre availability,
• helps provide easy allocation of energy costs,
• optimizes power capacity management.
In addition, the DIRIS BCMS 720 system provides users with various functionalities for measurement, alarms management and communication. Modbus and SNMP communication allow easy integration in any energy or power management software (EMS / PMS).
The device accurately measures current, power and power factor and determines the energy consumption for all the distribution circuits and mains incomers. It can also measure voltage and frequency on one or two mains incomers.
A further advantage is that users can configure the alarms for different events, such as overcurrents, over and undervoltage, zero current, etc.With its highly compact format and connection options (split-core CTs, combinations of 6 and 9 CT strips with 18mm pitch), the DIRIS BCMS 720 system is perfectly adapted to all distribution panels and terminals, whether in new installations or for renovation projects. Device mounting is also very quick, either on DIN rail or back plate. Its robust design coupled with its electrical safety features is guaranteed by casings which protect all components.
The DIRIS BCMS 720 is fully compliant with standard IEC 60950-1 (the standard governing materials safety in information technology equipment).