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Marina & Camping Power Pillars

Developed by Garo with over 20 years experience in the field of outdoor power supply.Our range of power pillars are designed for use in marinas and campsites.Power Pillars can be supplied with a variety of power outlets to suit your specific requirements. Each power outlet comes protected by an RCBO as standard. Should you wish to monitor &/or control usage our MID approved power meter can be fitted also.
Our pillars are rated IPx6 and come complete with a high quality prism lamp. This directs light down and around the pillar creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing effect.
Assembly of the designed water-hose holder and faucet takes only a few minutes. Electricity and water supplies are separated by an efficient IP67 membrane between the compartments. With safety and security in mind all control components are mounted behind lockable, self-closing doors. The power supply outlets themselves are equipped with a locking function for a standard padlock.
Pillars are made from marine qrade aluminium for a longer lasting life.
Outlet combinations other than listed are available upon request.