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LS4 EV Charging Station 2 x 7.4kW Outlets Metered LAN

EV Chargers

The LS4 range of Charging Stations are ideal for public locations, car parks and larger workplaces. They are a fast, robust option, built to withstand the elements and can charge a pure EV in just 3 hours.


The top of the charger features a 360 degree light strip indicator strip displays the charge status of each station from a distance. The front is an illuminated surface, available for logo and instructions.


Predominantly made of aluminum, the charging station has two weather proofed Type 2 sockets. It is available from 3.7 - 22kkW, with or without an energy meter. With separate fuses and ground protection for each socket, the base station takes either RCD type A or B.


Integrated electronics handle the communication between the charging station and electric vehicle. The charging station can be fitted with metering, lan and RFID or 3G and RFID for interconnection of multiple chargers via a common interface. Other options include a temperature controlled heater, surge protector, cable offloading and extra large terminals.


The base can be screwed onto concrete surfaces or similar. As an accessory there is a ground mount for fitting in soil, a wall mounted plate and an adaption plate for 60MM pipe post