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ATyS M Automatic Transfer Switch

ATyS M 40-160A

The ATyS M, dedicated to applications below 160A, enables the switching ON LOAD of single or three phase sources in remote or automatic mode.
This Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) is designed to be used in low voltage power systems for Open Transition Transfer applications.
This Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) is composed of two mechanically and electrically interlocked switches.
• The ATyS M 3 (RTSE) is driven by volt-free dry contacts allowing switching operation between position I, 0, II, from an external control logic or a PLC (control relay type ATyS C30).
• The ATyS M 6 (ATSE) is dedicated to break before make automatic transfer applications. The ATyS M 6 integrates control relays, timers and test functions to manage a Normal/Backup switching operation between two networks or between a generator set and a network.
• Isolation with positive break indication.
• On load switching.
• Manual emergency operation.
• 3 stable positions.(I, 0, II).
• Padlocking in 0 or in all three positions (I, 0, II).
• AUTO / MANU selector.
• Command of the device in 0 position thanks to the energy storage device (ATyS M 6e).
• Single phase or three phase control on networks I and II (ATyS M 6s and M 6e).
• Electrical measurements (ATyS M 6e).
IEC 60947-3
IS 14947-3
EN 60947-3
NBN EN 60947-3
BS EN 60947-3
GB 14048
IEC 60947-6-1
EN 60947-6-1
NBN EN 60947-6-1
BS EN 60947-6-1
VDE 0660-107