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Switchfuse Type DO

A device which combines the functions of the switch and of the fuse D0.
The system enables the following advantages of protection in comparison with the fuse D0:
- The changing of the fuse-link without danger of direct touch of parts under voltage.
- Snap-on mounting on rail according to EN 60715.
- The complete protection against touch according to VBG 4.
- The possibility of connecting supply from the upper or from the lower side.
- It can be used as a main switch and tariff fuse in a single device.
- Possibility of sealing in ON or OFF positions with or without fuse-link.
The GARO TYTAN II fuse disconnect switch
Designed with safety in mind. This “CARTRIDGE “ style unit has some unique safety features:
• It allows visible inspection of the fuse connections before switching on.
• Various cartridge sizes are available to suit fuses ranging from 6A - 63A.
• Corresponding gauges ensure that only the appropriate size cartridge and fuse can be used.
• The cartridge design ensures that the fuse contact pressures remain constant throughout use.
Certified to IEC 60695-2-1