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A simple Guide to Surge Protection
A surge protective device (SPD) which is connected at the main distribution board is constantly monitoring the supply voltage. When a voltage surge that exceeds the rating of the SPD is detected, the SPD conducts the surge directly to earth, away from the installation. This protects the equipment and products that have been connected.
All products incorporating electronics e.g. TV, computer, washing machine, fridge, light fittings, phone chargers, etc. are at risk of damage, complete loss, and even fire, if surge protective devices are not fitted. This can cause huge expense that may not be covered by insurance. Surge protective devices are an extremely inexpensive method of protecting any installation.
Here are some simple guidelines to the use of surge protective devices:
• CLASS 1 surge protective device should be installed at the main distribution board: - where there is an external LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM installed on a building (lightning conductors, earth rods etc.).
• CLASS 11 surge protective device should be installed at the main distribution board:- where there is not a lightning protection system fitted.
• CLASS 111 surge protective device should additionally be installed, locally, for more sensitive equipment.
The only installations not requiring surge protection devices are those that do not incorporate any electronics.
GARO has launched a comprehensive range of Surge Protective Device’s (SPD) to meet the requirements of all modern electrical installations.