GARO Celebrates 80 Years of Electrical Expertise

2019 marks an impressive milestone for GARO Electric - the 80th anniversary of it's foundation. The company has been developing, manufacturing and supplying quality electrical distribution products and systems from its multiple bases across Europe since its establishment in Sweden in 1939.

In the 1950s the most predominant products were meter cabinets and products enclosed in aluminium. In the 1970s connectors were added, paving the way for exports. At the start of the 1980s GARO established companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway. The1980s and 1990s GARO saw further rapid expansion and new bases in Poland and Finland.

Since the beginning GARO has always prioritised innovation. A great example of this is the development of the premium EV Charging Range, which evolved from a range of 'Car Heater Stations' created for the cooler Nordic region 40 years ago. The development of EV Charging stations was not the quantum leap that it was for other manufacturers, it was a matter of evolving their car heater products into a charging system that would power electric cars as they arrived on to the market. This natural next step perfectly leveraged their established expertise in this space.

GARO is extremely proud of its heritage and looks forward to serving customers for many more years to come.