Public EV Charging Stations: The Robust, Attractive & User Friendly Option Adopted by Multiple Organisations

Public EV Charging Stations: The Robust, Attractive & User Friendly Option Adopted by Multiple Organisations

The most recognisable style of Electric Vehicle Charger has been around for years in small numbers on local streets and in parking bays - the Public / On-Street Charger. Now that the EV industry is taking a sharp upturn, we are seeing companies install them in greater numbers to keep up with the changing requirements of their employees and visitors. Facebook, Musgraves and the National Treasury Management Agency are a few of the many organisations that have recently completed installations of Garo Public Charging Stations (LS4 range).

The Garo Public Charging Station range (LS4) has specific characteristics that make it the optimal choice for all installations where there is public access. A competitive purchase price, comprehensive features including Dynamic Load Balancing, RFID and Cloud Back Office, combined with extensive 3 year warranty, easy installation and low maintenance costs are the key benefits of the LS4 range. With ground and wall mounted options available, all types of facility are catered for. Importantly, you can show your brand. The LS4 can be branded with company logos and instructions of your choice, using vinyl foil.

These chargers are manufactured with aluminum to meet the tough requirements set for charging stations installed in public places. Garo's extensive experience has helped to develop an attractive Scandinavian design, user-friendly interfaces and extreme weather capability to ensure the best charging station for public places. Additional features include a charge indicator and lighting in the right places. The 360° lighting strip on the top part of the charger allows users to see the charge status of each outlet from a distance.

LS4 Chargers are simply plug and play. On the most basic version, you simply plug your car in. For versions equipped with RFID readers, you flash your card and you are set to go. Charging starts when the MODE3 communication between the car and the charger is ready.

The LS4 can be equipped with communication capabilities that use mobile 3G or LAN networks. A back-office service can be accessed through a built-in RFID reader and/or a mobile application. This enables services, such as billing and monitoring the charging station.

The charging station is equipped with two Type 2 EV outlets positioned in a weather and wind proof illuminated recess. The charging station is available in versions from 3.7-22kW, with or without an energy meter. Fixed Cable options have two types of connector, (type 1 or type 2) and these are chosen when ordering. These versions are available with 16A or 32A options for single-phase and three-phase networks, with or without an energy meter.

Each charging station has separate fuses and circuit breakers for each outlet / connector. All versions are equipped with DC protection, either with type B breakers or DC fault current monitoring. All LS4 chargers comply with Standard: IEC EC 6364.

Garo works with organisations to identify the most appropriate model for their facility and usage.

To discuss your organisation's EV Charging requirements, contact one of our technical specialists.