Tesla Launches Long-Awaited Model 3

Tesla Launches Long-Awaited Model 3

With An Astounding 400K Pre-Orders, What Will the Tesla Model 3 Deliver?

There has been a huge buildup to one of the biggest vehicle launches this century as Tesla delivers its latest 'every day' electric vehicle model. With prices starting at $35,000, Tesla had $10bn worth of pre-orders within two days of launch last year, and over 400,000 cars on order ahead of release.

So apart from being an affordable, environmentally-friendly option, what can new Model 3 owners look forward to?

On first glance, the specifications and design are impressive. The contemporary and stylish sedan design is completed by a roomy interior that can accommodate 5 adults. It can go from zero to 100km/h in under 6 seconds and has been designed to achieve a 5 star safety rating.

At 345 km, the charge range is fantastic however a strong charging network is essential appeal to a geographically diverse population. CEO Elon Musk states that they are doubling their global supercharger network this year and up to double again next year.

Of most interest is the much publicised autopilot function. The standard version will hold autopilot hardware however buyers will have to purchase an add-on to activate 'Full Self-Driving Capability'. This mode will allow drivers to complete their journey without any driver interaction. This includes charging the vehicle - it will all happen automatically when you reach the charging station.