Will China Take The Lead In The Electric Vehicle Market

Will China Take The Lead In The Electric Vehicle Market

A new study out of the US has shown that an interesting combination of factors could lead to a much greater adoption rate of Electric Vehicles in China over the US. Despite similar government subsidies and offerings, Chinese consumers have indicated that they would be more likely to purchase an Electric Vehicle than their American counterparts given the same parameters.

There is a wide variety of variables however some key cultural factors may account for this differential. Firstly, two thirds of the Chinese car market are first time buyers and therefore don't have pre-existing performance expectations. Their inter-city train system is very reliable and inexpensive making long haul travel a more attractive alternative.

Finally, Chinese consumers have more experience plugging in electric bikes than Americans so the behaviour of charging is already engrained.

Given that China is the world's largest consumer and producer of automobiles, this will have huge implications on the overall industry.


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