Garo is delighted to be at the forefront of solar power (photovoltaic) systems in Ireland. Our new range of photovoltaic products provide end-to-end solutions, suitable for commercial and residential installations. All products are developed to the highest standards and are fully guaranteed.

Our award winning micro inverter offers a range of distinct advantages over traditional string inverters, including no DC work, no location issues for inverter inside buildings and no single point of failure.

To date we have completed a range of installations from residential projects ranging from 0.5 KW to 4KW through to larger scale commercial (warehouses / offices / factories) ranging from 4KW to 360KW.

You will find everything you need to install these systems, from video demonstrations, to detailed manuals and product specifications. Our technical team are on hand to assist with project scoping and to recommend the most appropriate tailored solutions for your installation.

Please see below for video demonstrations, links to products, manuals and sample residential and commercial projects. Please note that each kit may vary according to your specific requirements such as the orientation and placement of the PV panels. We can talk you through these options - contact our technical team today for assistance.

View the full Solar / PV Product Range here.

Residential Installation Demonstration
Commercial Installation Demonstration

Garo recently launched the Solar / PV range in industry magazine It features a detailed editiorial on the range and outlines the associated benefits with getting involved in this high growth industry.

Read the detailed article here.

We recently featured an article in the Engineers Journal regarding Solar PV in a commercial setting.
Here is a preview - read more by following the link below.

Does Commercial Solarvoltaic Make Sense In Ireland?

Ireland's level of solar irradiation is good and comparable with most northern European countries. These countries – the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark – have all invested heavily in solar PV over the last number of years and the solar industry is an important economic resource in all of these countries. The cost of a solar PV installation has fallen significantly and PV is now the second-least-expensive form of renewable energy, after off-shore wind..