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Air Circuit Breakers

• High breaking current 150kA/6300A at AC500V
• Up to 6300A, 3 Frame
• Compact & Simplified size
• Approved the type test by KEMA according to IEC60947-2
• High function Trip Relay
• Protection: L, S, I, G, ZSI, Thermal UVR, OVR, etc
• Multi-functional Power Meter
• Power quality 63th harmonics (THD): S type
• Last fault recording: S type Various accessories (Total 48EA)
• On/Off button lock/Key lock/Pad lock/safety shutter lock
• Mechanical interlock/Packing interlock/Door interlock
• Miss insert prevention device Temperature alarm, etc.
Susol circuit-breakers are climate-proof. The breakers are intended for use in rooms where there are no excessive operating conditions (e.g. dust, corrosive vapors, gases).
If the circuit-breakers are used in dusty or humid locations, suitable enclosures should be provided. Sufficient fresh air supply must be provided if there are harmful gases (e.g. hydrogen-sulfide vapor) in the ambient air.
All Susol circuit breakers offer positive contact indication and are suitable for isolation in compliance with standards IEC 60947-1 and 2.
Susol circuit-breakers are suitable for protection of- Power distribution systems supplied by transformers or generators - Motor and generator
A switch-disconnector of Susol circuit breakers is available for circuit control and isolation.