Product Categories


• Installation contactors are used in distribution boards in dwellings, business premises, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, sport & leisure centres, production halls, warehouses and public places
• They are used for remote switching and automatic control of electric devices and equipment, such as:
- single-phase and three-phase motors
- different pumps
- air-conditioning
- electric heating
- lighting
• Basic contactor types are: GK20, GK24, GK40, and GK63
• GK24, GK40 and GK63 with a varistor for overvoltage protection and a rectifier enable dc and ac voltage control
• They excel in silent operation

• GK20 is an ac driven contactor only
• Contacts can be used as main or auxiliary
• Contactors are designed for assembling to 35mm mounting rail in accordance with the EN60715 standard
• Sealing terminal covers enable direct protection against contact with live parts
• IKV ventilation module is available for preventing exceeded heating when contactors are used side-by-side
• All contactors have degree of protection IP20