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Fuse Switch

FUSERBLOC are manually operated multipolar fuse combination switches. They break or switch off on load and provide safety isolation and protection against overcurrent for any low voltage electrical circuit.
• Fully visualised breaking.
• Double break by phase (top and bottom of fuse).
• Protection against overcurrent by fuse circuit-breakers (gG, aM, UR, BS88) with high breaking capacity (100 kA eff.).
• IP20 protection with terminal shrouds front panel.
• Compact.
• TEST position for testing control circuits without power using U type auxiliary contacts. In TEST position, the enclosure door can be opened.
•IEC 60947-3 •EN 60947-3 •BS EN 60947-3 •NBN EN 60947-3
•IEC 60269-1 •DIN EN 60269-1 •NF EN 60269-1
•IEC 60269-2
•VDE 0636-1
•VDE 0660-107
•IS 14947-3
•Standards UL: see FUSERBLOC UL