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GARO Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Garo MCCBs are marked with IEC symbol indicating Direct Opening Action
The robust mechanism ensures that the force you apply to the toggle is transmitted directly to the contacts. Under the heading “Measures to minimise risk in the event of failure”, IEC 60204-1 Safety of Machinery – Electrical Equipment of Machines includes the following recommendation:
“ - the use of switching devices having positive (or direct) opening operation.” Garo MCCBs help you to comply with the world’s most stringent safety standards. It is one of the safest switching devices for machinery.
You can easily see if a breaker is open, closed or tripped. SAFETY+ coloured indicators boldly display the ON (RED) or OFF (GREEN) status. The indicators are fully covered if a breaker trips, and BLACK is the only visible colour.
This is a unique safety feature. You can identify faulty circuits at a glance. The toggle position always matches the position of the main contacts. ON (I) OFF (O) TRIPPED
The risk of touching live parts has been minimised by design. These features reduce the risk of touching live parts:
• There are no exposed metal screws on the front face
• IP20 protection at the terminals
• IP30 protection at the toggle
• If the toggle is broken by accident or misuse, no live part is exposed
• No live parts are exposed when fitting accessories
• Double Insulation
Garo MCCBs exceed the requirements of recognised standards.
International Compliance
• The Garo MCCB complies with the international standard IEC 60947-2
• Garo Switch Disconnectors comply with IEC 60947-3
• Accessories comply with IEC 60947-5-1
• The entire range conforms to the IEC general rules for switchgear, IEC 60947-1
• Garo MCCBs comply with JIS C 8201-2-1 Ann.1
• The Garo range complies with the EC Low Voltage Directive and all models are CE marked
• Garo MCCBs carry the IEC symbol indicating Direct Opening Action as defined by IEC 60947-5-1. IEC 60204-1, Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines recommends that switches used for machinery have Direct Opening Action to minimise risk in the event of failure
• Garo MCCBs have breaking capacity ratings according to the NEMA AB1 Standard