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Consumer Units IP41 with Main Isolator

Exclusive design for surface mounting. The housing is manufactured in white plastic (color RAL 9010) and is always supplied with the door. Door is factory mounted with left hanging, but can easily be reversed for right-hanging. The unit is always supplied with the earth and neutral blocks and the standard version has 13 modules per row. With a very simple breakout each row can be expanded to 14 modules.
Back cover, is designed with a number of knockouts, which correspond to most demands and needs. The product meets the requirements of IP41 and is designed for touch protection equivalent to IP20, using terminal hood, according to EN 60 529.
Ingeniously designed to facilitate the installation and to create an almost unlimited working space. With simple snap fasteners the chassis is held in place throughout normal use, but during installation or adjustment, it can all be folded down 90 º, which means that you get a good overview and a very comfortable work space for wiring and laying of cables. This function is, in addition to the above benefits, a great help for the final assembly of the outgoing cables. Plastic material is Halogen free.