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Network Analysers & Energy Metering Software

The Energy Reporting software automatic generation of multi-utility consumption reports (electricity, water, gas, etc.) for more frequent monitoring.
The Control Vision software enables all electrical network parameters to be displayed (U, I, P, energy, etc.).
The user can also create logs of electrical values over a chosen period.
CONTROL VISION is a software package for processing data read by the Diris Am, A20, A40, A41, Ap, M, Mh, C , CC, CM, CMv2 measurement units and COUNTIS Ci pulse concentrators.
The software operates in a Windows XP Service pack 3 or VISTA environment. The minimum configuration required is a PC with a minimum 1.0 GHz processor, RAM 512 MB, at least 500 MB space available on the hard disk and a screen with minimum resolution 1024x768. Communication with the devices can either be directly via Ethernet, or via a serial or USB port on the computer.
• Communication with all DIRIS and COUNTIS Ci
• Instant reading of electrical values, meters, indices and harmonics
• General reading of meters and indices
• Alarm display
• Management of data logs and automatic readings
• Measurement curve
• Export and print options
• Multilingual
• Multi-station solution for use by multiple users
• Windows Vista, XP and NT compatibility