Consumer Units 2021 - IS10101:2020 Regulations

All Consumer Units meet IS10101:2020 Regulations

GARO consumer units feature a dedicated earth connection 35mm beside the main phase and neutral terminal. The area at the main terminals has been kept clear to make mains cable termination easier. All GARO consumer units are assembled at our facility in Ireland. We also manufacture a huge number of special boards for specific customers & projects. All consumer units are available with double pole Isolator, or double pole 10KA MCB characteristic B.

The main phase and neutral terminals have a shield to ensure that the main cables are not placed under the terminals. The cabling from the main incomer is rated at 100 Amps. The neutral & earth terminals have been increased to accommodate additional circuits and increased cable sizes. GARO Surge Arrestors do not require local fuse protection.

The Surface range now incorporates 14 & 18 module widths. Each consumer unit is designed so that a 2 pole surge arrestor can be easily added using our G-GPT2 kit. The flush range meets the highest Temperature Withstand standard & can be fitted directly in cavity walls. 3 row consumer units are prepared as 2 row, so they can be fitted close to ceiling due to new height regulation (Max height of 2150mm to highest device) GARO RCCB & RCBO are type A. GARO RCCB are 10KA only. GARO components come with a 5 year warranty. All components are date stamped.




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