Car of the Year 2020 goes Electric In UK & Ireland

Car of the Year 2020 goes Electric In UK & Ireland

Undoubtedly there is an impressive array of electric cars on the market, with newer and more impressive technologies enticing drivers to convert. To date these cars have been admired 'in their category'. Great accolades and reviews would be qualified with the sentiment 'for an electric car'. However 2020 sees the EV drive front and centre into the industry car awards, ridding itself of it's niche identity.

The Irish Car of the Year award for 2020 was awarded to the Kia e-Soul. The e-Soul also won in two individual categories, Compact Car of the Year and Green/Efficient Car of the Year. The jury of the Car of the Year Awards is made up of 34 of the Industry's most experienced journalists. Joint-Chairman of the Irish Car of the Year Committee, Bob Flavin said: "This is the first time that an electric car has won Irish Car of the Year, a real sign of things to come I think. Regardless of its fuel type, the e-Soul came out as the clear winner and was hugely popular with my motoring journalist colleagues." Car awards are a great achievement in the industry itself, but crucially they are a key selling point when customers research what car to invest in. Joint-Chairman of the Irish Car of the Year Committee, Anthony Conlon said: "I am sure that the Irish Car of the Year title will be a huge boost for the e-Soul during the busy January car sales period."

This trend was mirrored in the UK at the Parkers New Car Awards 2020. The Tesla Model 3 won in more categories than any other model previously, and then went on to be crowned overall winner of Car of the Year. This is the first time an electric vehicle has won this award. Keith Edwards, editor of Motoring Publication 'This Money' says "The Tesla Model 3 isn't just a good electric car. It is a good car full stop. Not only do attractive leases make it cheaper to run than you would think, it is environmentally-friendly and also very fast and fun to drive. It is the first time an electric car has been named Parkers' Car of the Year, but with all the big manufacturers spending billions on developing exciting EVs, it is unlikely to be the last." The Model 3 also beat out stiff competition in a further three categories, Electric Car of the Year, Company Car of the Year and Safety Award of the Year.

2020 is heralding the era when EVs break the shackles of the 'Green' label, and truly become mainstream.


Images: Kia / Tesla