Fossil Fuel Energy Used In UK Drops Below Half for First Time

Fossil Fuel Energy Used In UK Drops Below Half for First Time

A UK government energy report has shown that low carbon energy sources (renewables plus nuclear) made up the majority of electricity use for the first time in 2018.

Renewable sources including wind, water, waste and the sun have been increasing over year on year and now account for 33% of total usage. Energy from nuclear plants accounts for nearly 20%.

Conversely, coal has dropped to an all time low of 5%. Overall coal production dropped by 15% compared to 2107 and there are only 6 plants remaining in operation.

Breaking down renewable sources, offshore wind has seen the largest increase generating 27.6% more power on the previous year thanks to greater capacity. Interestingly Solar saw a 12% increase largely due to an increase in sunlight hours - 2018 was marked by its record braking heatwaves.

Another large increase was noted in the biomass sector, thanks to the conversion of two major coal power stations to waste energy.

Ireland has also seen considerable strides in renewable energy generation - as of 2017 it accounted for 29% of total electricity supply. Natural gas remains the primary source, contributing 51%.