The Famed Tesla Model 3 - Where Is It Now?

The Famed Tesla Model 3 - Where Is It Now?

Norway is poised to set a new monthly record with about 8500-9000 new EVs registered for March alone - this represents over 60% of all car sales.

A large part of this surge is down to a bulk delivery of the coveted (but up-to-now elusive) Tesla Model 3. Over 4000 have arrived and been registered in Norway during March, bringing it to the top spot as the most popular model in the country.

This is an impressive turn-around for a model plagued by production issues for a very long time. As a relatively new player with very lofty ambitions, Tesla has caused concern as to whether it could fulfil its promises to roll out its premium fleet of EVs over in the time frames indicated.

Such is the interest and hype in the brand, Bloomberg developed a tool estimating production levels since the Model 3 launch mid 2017. To date, about 231,911 vehicles have been released and for the first time, numbers exceeded 6000 in March, many of which seem to have ended up in Norway. Great news for the half a million people who pre-ordered their vehicle.

It is not the end of their worries however, as recently Tesla founder Elon Musk Tesla Founder admitted to moving from 'production hell to logistics hell' after it was discovered that the vehicles were built in batches and matching owners to their customised orders was causing major issues. This, according to Musk is a much easier fix though and the process issues will resolve quickly enough.

With such a loyal fan-base and astounding pre-order levels, the value of the Tesla brand is indisputable. If they can resolve their logistics logistics woes, they will undoubtedly retain dominance over the EV market.