Charging From Just 7 Mins: DC Fast Charging Stations

Charging From Just 7 Mins: DC Fast Charging Stations

With a charging time from as little as just 7 minutes, DC 'Fast' Chargers are the premium option for EV users. They are designed to give electric vehicles a maximum charge with minimum time spent. The charging time for a normal BEV (approx. 30 kWh battery size) at a 50-kW output is around 30 minutes.

Mainly found in service stations, these high-performance chargers allow drivers to experience minimal disruption to their journeys. DC chargers differ from AC chargers in that they supply direct current directly to the car battery, without having to utilise the car's onboard charger. This results in higher output charging.

The range includes DC chargers with outputs varying from 50 to 150 kW.

A DC charging network is a vital part in the development of an EV infrastructure. As they are usually strategically placed along main roads connecting cities and regions, the uptime for a DC charger is the most critical feature. EV drivers need reliability. In order to achieve this, chargers are connected to a back-end solution for easy monitoring and quick intervention. Garo's Fast DC Charger can be connected to any back office option.

All DC chargers are equipped with fixed connection cables for CCS (European standard) and CHAdeMO (Japanese standard). The charger can also be fitted with an AC connector or a socket outlet charging either at 22 kW or at 43kW.

Other Features Of The DC Range Include:

  • Multistandard Mode 4/ Mode 3
  • CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2 compliant
  • DC and AC simultaneous charging
  • DC up to 50kW
  • AC up to 43kW
  • Can fast-charge any compatible vehicle
  • 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes
  • TFT color display (for user interface and publicity)
  • Intergratable with any back office through OCPP or proprietary protocol
  • Built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)

Garo works with organisations to identify the most appropriate model for their facility and usage. Those considering EV Charging are invited to attend Garo's dedicated EV Charging demonstration facility (based in Dublin) to view and test the range of charging stations. Chargers are fully operational and technical advisors are on hand to discuss a customer's specific requirements & their most appropriate options.

To discuss your organisation's EV Charging requirements, contact one of our technical specialists.