Goodbye Range Anxiety, What Can You Expect From an EV and Its Charger in 2019

Goodbye Range Anxiety, What Can You Expect From an EV and Its Charger in 2019

If you asked the average person what their thoughts were regarding the move to Electric Vehicles, range anxiety would be somewhere at the top of the list. In 2019, that issue has been addressed across the board, not just by the premium brands of Tesla (468km on the Model X), BMW and Jaguar but also the economy options such as the Nissan Leaf which now has a highly respectable range of 322km. Click here to read more about the latest models >>.

Car charging options are almost as important as the purchase of the car itself. The options are varied to reflect the different locations and vehicles available, from Wall Mounted options to suit home / work charging to on-street Public Chargers and rapid performance DC Chargers. Essentially, the speed it takes for a full charge depends on the power coming from the charger and how much the car's battery can receive.

Home / Work Charging
In the UK, research shows that the average distance driven per day is about 20 miles. This makes it extremely practical for drivers to charge an EV overnight at home. The financial benefits include grants to purchase and install home chargers plus the ability to use off peak tariff rates overnight.

Wall mounted chargers start at about 3kW and can take up to 8 hours to fully charge a battery from zero. Many wall mounted chargers that are suitable for domestic use go up to 22kW, halving the charge time.

Public Charging
The network of public stations in Ireland currently stands at about 1100 charge points and this is rapidly growing. In the UK it is about 13000. For the most part, on-street points and forecourts use Public Chargers that operate at a rate of 7-22kW. This would result in a full charge in 3-4 hours from zero battery.

Some locations also feature rapid charging Fast Charger points that allow super fast direct current charging from 50kW. This reduces the time to as little as 30 minutes for an 80% charge and as little as 7 minutes for a high performing charger such as the Garo DC Fast Charging Station 150kW.

A key point for car buyers is whether it can use these fast / rapid options. Like any car purchase it is essential to consider how you use your vehicle, the distances you undertake and work out what is practical, realistic and affordable.

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