What Will We Be Driving In 2025?

What Will We Be Driving In 2025?

With almost 300,000 vehicles sold since its introduction, the Nissan Leaf is the world's best selling Electric Vehicle. It managed to secure that position at the time by introducing the longest single charging range (100+ miles), however in recent years car makers have introduced charge distances of more than double this length - a key selling point for the driving public.

Now that range is being tackled by many manufacturers as a base level component, what will convince us to choose one model over another in the next 5-10 years?

The EV of 2025 is going to offer some serious tech (not just driverless functionality) no doubt fuelling major excitement about the transition to electric.

Customisable interiors will allow you to alter your vehicle at any given time, even after the purchase. For example, seats in the Volkswagen ID Buzz minivan will be placed on tracks, allowing the user to configure it any way they want.

Digital integration will move beyond phone calls and spotify and allow users to start their cars with their phones, adjust the car for your body temperature and choose an appropriate type of music for your trip.

Windshield glass will evolve beyond its protective role to include smart screen technology for navigation, messaging and other functions.

The race for top spot is well and truly heating up and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next..