High Profile Corporations & Organistations Forge Ahead with Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

High Profile Corporations & Organistations Forge Ahead with Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

As car manufacturers reduce and withdraw their diesel ranges, the range of full EV and Hybrid models is increasing. The last couple of years in particular have seen a major escalation by governments to incentivise Electric Vehicles as an important component of their strategy to meet emission targets. EV infrastructure including charging stations, is rapidly developing to support these changes.

For institutions & organisations, the benefits of installing EV charging stations are far reaching. As an employer, attracting top talent can be a challenge, hence the focus on employee benefit schemes & improved facilities. Adding EV charging options to company parking spaces is one more benefit that enhances the reputation and attractiveness of an organisation. For commercial organisations, EV chargers encourage visitors not only to choose your site but to stay longer as the car is charging.

Over the last 12 months, Garo Electric (established over 35 years ago) has emerged as the EV Charging provider of choice for multiple high profile organisations. Garo Charging Points have been installed at Facebook, Musgraves, Abbott, McDonalds, Volvo's R&D facility, Airport Car Parks and Sweden's Green Highway.

GARO Electric is part of the GARO Group including Norwegian and Swedish operations. Their Nordic counterparts are EV Charging market leaders thanks to their premium range of charging points made with durable materials and smart technology.

The full EV range includes a comprehensive variety of Wall Mounted Chargers, Public Fast EV Chargers through to DC Fast and Super Fast Stations, providing support and after care.

Solutions are available for every setting including institutions, workplaces, offices, shopping centres, car parking spaces, service stations, domestic use & more. Their team of engineers advise companies on the most appropriate options for their facility, ensuring a future-proofed approach.