Indian Solar Boom Tops The List of Green Energy Predictions for 2017

Indian Solar Boom Tops The List of Green Energy Predictions for 2017

Green Energy site has released its Top 10 Energy Trends for 2017, with an interesting mix of energy, politics and technology making the list..

Driven by a bid to reach its 2022 energy targets, India is in a high-octane phase of solar energy development. It has attracted over $100bn global investments and $3bn in state funding demonstrating the monumental volume of / confidence in their strategic plan.

Pay-As-You-Go-Solar Energy in Africa took great strides on 2016 with major venture capital investments achieved by PAYG Solar startups. This energy model combines solar PV, storage and PAYG technologies to bring power to parts of continent with scant access to electricity. As the success of this model grows it is expected that 2017 will see rapid advancement across the continent.

Despite the major advancements in green energy over the last decade, one major challenge will be faced in 2017 - the US presidential post of Donald Trump. His anti-climate change views and unpredictability will leave the industry watching closely to see how his presence will be felt.

Here is the full Top Ten List:

No. 1: India
No. 2: Tesla
No. 3: Trump
No. 4: Corporate Renewables
No. 5: US Offshore Wind
No. 6: Storage in Energy Markets
No. 7: Pay-Go Solar in Africa
No. 8: Pumped Storage + Renewables
No. 9: Drones
No. 10: Renewable Jet Fuel

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