Concise Fact Sheets for Commercial & Domestic Solar PV Clients

Concise Fact Sheets for Commercial & Domestic Solar PV Clients

Now that solar has almost closed the gap on the cost of energy production compared to its solid fuel counterparts, it is increasingly important that there is a wealth of clear information for those who are looking to adopt this type of energy supply, domestically and commercially.

The Irish Solar Energy Association exists to support the development of solar through lobbying, conferences and forums. To support these aims it produces a variety of reports and fact sheets. These materials are a great benefit when discussing installations with potential customers as they are benefit driven, clear and concise.

Domestic Rooftop PV
This fact sheet is aimed at household owners who may be considering a rooftop PV system. It references the system and its various components including panels, inverters and connection equipment. Benefits are clearly outlined including BER benefits and energy cost savings. Logistical elements are also discussed - VAT recovery on the cost of installation, planning permission and structural considerations.

Commercial Rooftop PV
This fact sheet provides information and guidance for industrial and commercial users of all sizes. It discusses direct and third party system options, allowing clients to absorb total or share costs. Similarly to the domestic version, it details logistical info such as planning permission and ESB grid applications and the variety of benefits associated with setting it up.

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