Exponential Growth in EV Charging Network

Exponential Growth in EV Charging Network

Until recently, we were looking at heavy growth in Electric Vehicle sales across the UK and Ireland. The industry may now be idling but charging infrastructure continues in preparation for its inevitable restart. There is still in fact demand across the charging network as transport needs continue for key workers, health workers, food delivery, public transport, haulage and more. Some in the industry are providing great support by offering free use of EV fleets to hospitals and vulnerable groups (Symphony EV) and access to many charging networks has been made free for NHS workers and taxi drivers as part of the NHS Heroes Initiative.

2020 has seen a massive 39% increase in public EV charging points across the UK compared to this time last year. Geographically, there has been an increase of 36% in charging locations, further reducing the all important impact of range anxiety on EV purchasing decisions. Rapid charging points have seen a significant boost with an increase of 9% in the first few months of this year, reflecting the demand for increased car sales and expanded range levels within new models.

In Ireland, a variety of commercial operators, charging networks and service stations have been expanding their charging station facilities, adding to the 1100 public points across the country. EV sales for 2020 have been record breaking and one in ten car owners intend on changing over to EV on the their next car purchase according to an AA survey. While government targets for 2000 charging points by 2025 are in place, there is a huge opportunity for commercial organisations to fill the charging demand for this expanding market.