Positive EV Industry Recovery Provides Strong Opportunities for Electricians & Wholesalers

Positive EV Industry Recovery Provides Strong Opportunities for Electricians & Wholesalers

In an otherwise challenging environment, there are few industries bucking the trend like Electric Vehicles & Chargers. According to a new IEA Global EV Outlook 2020 report, there is positive news for the EV industry as a whole with an estimation that 2020 EV sales will not drop but remain at 2019 levels as opposed to an overall contraction of the passenger car market of 15%.  For the UK in particular there was a huge bounce back in June, with pure electric vehicles (BEV) up 261% on June last year and an overall increase of 74% for the category that month. EV category market share has rocketed from 8.8% of overall car registrations in June last year to 23.7% this year.

This recovery is partly linked to a global governmental effort to tie economic recovery packages to green energy policies, further boosting the attractiveness of purchasing EVs and consequently needing EV charging facilities.

For wholesalers and electrical contractors, this provides excellent opportunities to leverage EV charging popularity into their businesses.

Globally, publicly accessible EV chargers saw a mammoth 60% increase on the previous year in an effort to meet expanding sales. There were about 7.3 million chargers worldwide, of which about 6.5 million were private, light-duty vehicle slow chargers in homes, apartments and workplaces. Convenience and cost effectiveness were the main forces behind those installations. The UK has about 4% of these 6.5 million chargers, some 260,000 units.

When it comes to publicly accessible chargers, growth in demand will only accelerate for a few key reasons – the necessity for them in urban high-density locations (where private chargers cannot be installed, apartments etc) and the advancement of longer range EV models that call for speedy charging on the go. From a commercial perspective, interest in charging facilities is booming as retailers and hospitality seek to attract customers back to their premises following lockdown by offering EV charging adding as an extra incentive.

By providing EV charging through sales or installation, wholesalers & electricians can become the port of call for this growing industry. Companies such as GARO make it easy to learn about product ranges and installation by providing free online training and certification for their entire EV Charging range. With helpful How To videos and certification courses to work in tandem with OLEV, customers can learn and up-skill from home or work at a time of their choosing. Comprehensive technical support is also available for specific queries.

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