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50kW Fast DC CCS and Chademo
50kW Fast DC CCS and Chademo

Overview Sheet - Althea 

Quickly recharges the battery from 20% to 80% on most electric car batteries in just 20 minutes

Product Features 

• Premium solution for public charging environments
• 360° Lighting strip allows users to see the units charging status
• Strong and corrosion resistant metal cover
• Simple Touch Screen
• Easy to use, reliable & durable
• Full Control with RFID
• Customisable with your branding
• 1 x CHAdeMO Tethered Lead, 1 x CSS Tethered Lead
• OCPP1.6 compliant for Smart Charging
• Weight: 280 kg
• Mounted: Floor
• Dimensions: 1,955 mm[H] x 600 mm[W] x 540 mm[D]

Main Applications 

• Service Stations
• Shopping Centres

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