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Garo manufactures and distributes a diverse range of industrial electrical distribution products, components and supplies. From our UK and Ireland premises, a select team of qualified technical internal sales personnel support Electrical Wholesalers and the Industrial Division of Garo Electric Ltd. There is a keen awareness within Garo of the importance of addressing the needs of every customer through our range of OEMs, Panel Builders, Industry and various projects as specified by Consulting Engineers including energy efficiency consulting.
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Sweden Launches Electrified Roads As Part Of Their Bid To End Fossil Fuel Reliance by 2030
As part of its commitment to eliminating its reliance on fossil fuels by 2030, Sweden has launched a highly innovative project to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles - an electrified road. The first of its kind can be found near Stockholm and is located on a 2km stretch between Arlanda airport and a logistics site outside the city.
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Irish Corporations, Municipal Buildings Forge Ahead with Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities
As car manufacturers reduce and withdraw their diesel ranges, the range of full EV and Hybrid models is increasing. EV infrastructure including charging stations, is rapidly developing to support these changes.
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Will petrol cars disappear in 20 years?
Earlier this year we looked at Norway's plan to phase out fossil fuelled cars by 2025 - as an EV leader nation, this move was bold but not overly shocking. When France & the UK made such announcements a few weeks ago, they came as a much more significant surprise.
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The Role of Lift Share in the EV Boom
Our previous article looked at the key drivers for mass EV adoption in the near future. However one element of this mix is being treated treated separately due to its unusual nature - the advancement of autonomous or driver-less cars. Similar to EV tech, autonomous driving (AD) has been around for a while, however advancement has been at a slower rate. Recently we have begun to see increased progress as companies such as Tesla roll out their EVs with inbuilt AD capabilities.