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Garo manufactures and distributes a diverse range of industrial electrical distribution products, components and supplies. From our UK and Ireland premises, a select team of qualified technical internal sales personnel support Electrical Wholesalers and the Industrial Division of Garo Electric Ltd. There is a keen awareness within Garo of the importance of addressing the needs of every customer through our range of OEMs, Panel Builders, Industry and various projects as specified by Consulting Engineers including energy efficiency consulting.
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2019 Sees EV Sales Soar Across the UK & Ireland
Following January’s record sales, we are continuing to see very strong growth in EV registrations. The UK has seen a sizeable increase of 14.3% in EVs registered YTD (end April) compared to the same time last year.
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The Age Of Electric Extends To Flying Taxis
In just 6 years, you might have the option to open an app on your phone and call a flying taxi to take you where you want to be in a fraction of the usual time.
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Carbon Credit Scheme Aims To Appeal To Non EV Drivers
This month, one of the world’s largest oil companies - Shell - will commence a scheme to allow customers to offset their carbon usage against environmental programmes that promote emissions reduction.
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The Changing Face Of A Workforce - From Fossil Fuels to Renewables
Last year it was announced that there were over 10 million people working in the renewable energy sector globally for the first time...