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Garo manufactures and distributes a diverse range of industrial electrical distribution products, components and supplies. From our UK and Ireland premises, a select team of qualified technical internal sales personnel support Electrical Wholesalers and the Industrial Division of Garo Electric Ltd. There is a keen awareness within Garo of the importance of addressing the needs of every customer through our range of OEMs, Panel Builders, Industry and various projects as specified by Consulting Engineers including energy efficiency consulting.
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One Million New Charging Stations Form Part of EU Green Economic Recovery
The benefits of a green economy, including increased employment, have long been recognised and now the European Union has taken this unique moment in time to develop a green recovery plan that boosts the economy while driving towards emissions reduction targets.
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GARO Electric Is Open With Free Next Day Delivery
Irish Operations have resumed at full capacity with next day delivery available. A full & comprehensive range of stock is available to purchase.
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Ancillary Solutions To Help Meet The Demand for Public EV Charging
Many EV drivers in cities and urban centres do not have access to private charging so how will they charge their electric vehicles? Public Fast Charger numbers as the main solution are growing, however there are some other ancillary approaches aiming to help meet the growing demand.
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Exponential Growth in EV Charging Network
2020 has seen a massive 39% increase in public EV charging points across the UK compared to this time last year. Geographically, there has been an increase of 36% in charging locations, further reducing the all important impact of range anxiety on EV purchasing decisions.