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Mission Impossible: Developing A Net Zero City
R. Rex Parris is the republican Mayor of Lancaster, California and a man on a mission - to make his city net zero in energy usage terms. A tall order to most, he is confident that is can be achieved using his practical multi-pronged approach.
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BMW Electric Vehicle Sales Reach New Heights & New Customers
BMW is joining the rest of the automotive industry as they enjoy record-breaking sales so far this year. Within some categories, the electric vehicle option accounts for a striking 55% of sales. This heavily bolsters their decision to roll out EV versions of all of their models over the coming years. Production volumes will also increase as many EV models have sold out completely.
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Clean Energy Predictions 2015
The New Year is well and truly here but what will it bring? The Energy Collective has compiled its top predictions for 2015, with contributions from leading industry players and thought leaders. The key trends that repeatedly appear on the list are Solar, Electric Vehicles and Cleantech Finance. Whilst these fields are far from new, the exciting prediction is that they will hit their tipping point into the mainstream this year.
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