An Unlikely Home: Shell Introduce EV Chargers to Petrol Stations

In a seemingly unusual move, oil giant Shell is looking at installing Electric Vehicle chargers across their petrol station network this year. Like many car manufacturers, they are now looking at how they can work with their traditional competitors. With significant global growth in the Electric Vehicle market, motor and now oil companies are beginning to see how they can work together to improve their own fortunes.

So what's in it for them? Attracting more traffic into the forecourt means a higher spend at the cash register across retail categories. According to John Abbott, Shell Business Director, "If you are sitting charging your vehicle, you will want to have a coffee or something to eat."

While Britain are the Netherlands are first on the list, Abbott has indicated that there are many countries under consideration for this initiative.

With loyalty schemes a key part of their marketing strategies, providing an all-inclusive service will help petrol station brands to retain custom as patrons transition from petrol to electric.



Financial Times (paywall):