The Aran Islands Energy Independence Project

A community led initiative, including a three year Electric Vehicle trial, is on track to achieve energy independence for the Aran Islands by 2022. Developed in conjunction with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), energy upgrades have been applied to almost two thirds of all of the island's buildings.

An impressive €1/4m saving has been achieved via these upgrades, which include improving insulation and installing efficient heating systems. The 30 strong participant EV trial reduced the reliance on imported energy for transport by 68% and additional analysis demonstrated how wave and wind powered heat pumps could replace existing heating systems.

Combining the efforts of these energy upgrades, further utilisation of renewable energy and exporting locally produced energy will provide lasting energy independence for this region. This encouraging case study is part of an energy co-operative movement developing across Ireland (Energy Co-operatives Ireland (ECI) and the rest of Europe (Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Europe).


To read more about this initiative, access the SEAI article here..