Irish Government Announces 1000 New On-Street EV Chargers

This week, the Irish Minister for Climate Action and Environment announced new plans for Local Authorities to add 1000 new On-Street EV Chargers to the network. The step was made in support of the country's overall target of 936,000 EVs on the road by 2030. Chargers will improve access to those who don't have driveway access for charging and may be integrated into lampposts.

With range anxiety top of mind for prospective buyers, the government is aiming to build the network and resulting confidence to transition to EV. The recently announced climate plan also made provision for upgrades to 500 existing charge points, a network of 90 high-speed chargers and 50 fast chargers. Overall the goal is to reach 2000 reliable public chargers by 2025.

2019 has marked a significant year for EV growth in Ireland with 13,156 new electric and hybrid cars registered to date, an increase of over 65%. Network development is key to keeping the momentum going.